At last, flexible mobile tariffs, that change with your business needs!

Once, mobile networks dictated charges and how your business bought its mobile connections, not anymore! You can now connect every landline and mobile phone in your business free of charge and enjoy complete flexibility during the contract, all with the UK’s best mobile coverage.

pink connect saw the intentional lack of flexibility with the established UK networks for profit retention as unacceptable.

We thought the practice of locking all phones into the full contract term, or only adding new connections with the original contract length instead of co-terminating, without regard for the changing needs of the business should stop.

So when pink connect became a “virtual mobile network operator” using the Vodafone network, we became able to change the rules.

If you want to add or remove phones part way through a pink mobile contract, that’s OK with us. If you call your business mobiles from your office, we thought those calls should be free, so they are. Likewise, if you call the office or a company mobile (or any Vodafone mobile) from your handset, those calls are also free. Much better!

  • wide range of flexible contract types available
  • the ability to add or remove users mid term
  • free landline to mobile calls
  • free mobile to landline calls- free, not part of bundle
  • free mobile to mobile calls

So, if you would like flexibility in your mobile contract and charges more appropriate to your business, call our mobile team on 0345 450 9393. It could be the most profitable call you make today!