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About Pink Connect Franchise

Offering a complete suite of leading-edge business solutions

Pink Connect has been providing leading edge business communication services since 2002 to thousands of UK Businesses, both large and small.
Led by customer demand, market trends and a deep understanding of SME Business needs, we have developed a comprehensive range of smart communication products and services that almost all UK Business must have, making prospecting for business very straightforward.

Why Swapping Time for Money, Doesn’t really work

Here’s a thought

Many Franchises require the Franchisee to swap their time for money in a linear way, much like any job. Imagine a Lawn Franchise: you book your first one-hour lawn cut and agree to return weekly. This is great “repeat” business.

The problem is, when you have 10 x customers, 7 x days a week, you have no more time to exchange for more money. There is no further growth.

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Awards & Achievements

Pink Connect were recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in a new analysis of the UK’s Largest Telecoms Resellers in 2018.

Pink Connect has been Franchising successfully for over 12 years with our first Franchisees recently re-signing at no cost, for their third 5-year term. We are proud of our long-term relationships and the way in which we work to accommodate our Franchisees needs.
Pink Connect customer retention is outstanding, amongst the highest in the Industry. We recognised simply offering cheap calls was not a long term strategy, rather we seek to provide the whole suite of well supported essential business products. We quickly become a One-Stop-Shop.

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Whether you are a small business or national organisation with offices dotted around the country, our teams and systems have the experience delivering technology, security, utility and telecommunications services across the UK

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