Check your business texts and read our FAQs

Please email with details of which invoice is required and we will email you a copy.

The report sent with the invoice has full itemisation of all services.

Email with account details and new email details, this will be amended and an acknowledgement sent to you.

Your first invoice may have one off installation charges and equipment on it, also services charges are charges pro-rata and a month in advance, this will even out in subsequent months. Calls are billed in arrears.

All invoices are collected by Direct debit as per our terms and conditions, invoices not collected by Direct Debit carry a payment processing fee.


Mobile is no longer just calls and text, it’s changing the way we work forever!

Pink Connect are leaders in Mobile technology, delivering integrated communication wherever your staff work.



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Mobile Support

24/7 Reliable Business Support

The essential conduit between your business and the world! Don’t leave it to chance, have an industry expert ensure the right connection for today’s demanding business environment.

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