Log on to your IP Portal and manage your VoIP

Select; Company – Scheduling – Business Hours

As an Administrator, you can set up the operating hours of your business

Use the icon to define the opening and closing time for Monday.

If you close for lunch, define a lunch hour and if you want to do something specific after hours, make sure you tick the box.

Note: After hours on any particular day lasts from end of Office Hours on that day to start of Office Hours of the next working day.

Then click to update the details for Monday. You will get the following message to confirm the save operation:

The business hours settings were successfully updated.

Go to Account – features – call divert – select the number – choose the option by ticking the box above – enter the number you want to divert to – select save 

The Pink IP Pro platform works over the internet. So if your connection is dropping, so will calls. When diagnosing problems with your IP phone, it best to start looking at the stability of your connection as if it’s unstable, it’s going to effect it registering with the network. Please call or email Pink connect support and we can check if your internet connection is stable.

Another reason is that you’re switching equipment is not routing the traffic correctly and or the routing tables in the router are not working correctly. A power cycle of the router and switch is usually a quick and simple fix to remedy problems with phones unregistering.

We recommend the Technicolor TG582n router to be used with Pink IP pro. It’s designed to stream media data and handles VOIP better than any other router we’ve tested. We’ve found more expensive and complex routers can have an ill effect on Pink IP pro phones so keeping it simple is key. Draytek routers are NOT advised to be used with Pink IP pro.

Sharing data with computers. Sharing an internet connection with a computer network is a big no no when using VOIP. A computer can use all the bandwidth available and unregister the phone and can make speech very unclear. If you have a fibre line there’s usually enough for both computer and VOIP traffic but to avoid problems, we advise you keep them separate for better use of the service. Too many phones on a single connection may also cause problems so please check how much bandwidth you have available before adding additional IP phones to your connection. A single call on IP pro uses around 110kbps.

If you’re using a router not provided by pink connect please make sure the following rule is implemented in your router:
Your router should be set up to perform NAT (Network Address Translation) and act as a DHCP server (or have a standalone DHCP server somewhere on you Network). These features are normally enabled by default on most routers. An IP address will be allocated to the phone automatically when you plug the Ethernet cable from your phone into your router. Please note: you should ensure the following ports are not blocked by the firewall within your router:
Far end ports

  • UDP Ports 4144 and 4244
  • UDP Ports 10000 to 32767
  • HTTPS Port 443
  • Syslog Port 514
  • HTTP Port 80
  • DNS Port 53
  • NTP Port 123

Local ports
Outbound requests to standard services will be from a random port (as for a PC) the following ports will be used to receive SIP and RTP packets

  • UDP Ports 5061 and 5062
  • UDP Ports 4241 to 4280
  • UDP Ports 10000 to 32767

It is our strong recommendation to minimise the number of firewall rules required on the router. This will reduce the CPU load on the router and also future proof the site from future additions to the service. This can be simply implemented by a single rule which allows al (UDP and TCP)
traffic to and from netmask – this is a /24 network the system can support both static and dynamic IP addresses.
If you believe you’ve ticked all these off and you’re still experiencing problems, please give the Pink support team a call.
Call forwarding

  • Navigate to the Call Forwarding feature screen  (Select; Account – Features – Call Forwarding)
  • Choose the phone. You will see that a phone enabled for TBR will have extra fields on-screen that allow you to select a “period”
  • Choose the relevant routing period from the list. There are helper entries such as “Weekday Office Hours” that allow you to set up the feature for several routing periods at once (note although that to subsequently view the actual feature information you should use the actual day of the week entry e.g. “Tuesday Office Hours”, rather than “Weekday Office Hours”)
  • Continue to configure the options of the feature (e.g. “Chosen Phones”,“Seconds to wait for an answer” etc.)
  • Then click to update the details for Monday. You will get the following message to confirm the save operation:

The Call Forwarding settings were successfully updated for this period.

Press the icon to return the Call Management Planner, where the period should now show as configured for the relevant phone.


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