Integrated telephone data and mobile across multiple sites is no longer just for big business.

You will be amazed at how little it costs to have true voice and data integration across your business!

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Real cross site integration used to cost thousands but now with VoIP telephony and Cloud Services, it’s available within and easily affordable budget.

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Enable your staff to collaborate seemlessly across devices and make the move to the cloud for truly integrated data everywhere.   It used to be highly complex and expensive, now you will be amazed how straight forward and cost effective it is.

Now its available from£12.95/mo!

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Most companies never recover from major data loss or system hack. Complete protect your staff and business with Pink Senitnel, the one stop multi-threat management device.

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The most advanced Galaxy Tab
changes how you work and play.
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Slide Are you ready for the PSTN / ISDN switch off? a blue power logo Talk To our Team By 2025 all non-fibre BT lines and other ISDN lines will be switched off. In Germany, this led to a large number of businesses losing their phone systems and large sums of money to fix. Prepare yourself now and talk to Pink Connect about how you can switch. Backup to cloud is a real winner for disaster recovery and continuity planning. Graphic of a laptop, table and phone with a single cloud covering all screens Talk To our Team Backup & Recovery