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There are currently 2 million business using ISDN phone systems in the UK in need of an upgrade to a scalable, flexible VoIP system

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In April 2025, the UKs ISDN telephony system will be withdrawn

Are you ready?

As well as reducing costs and time investment into your phone system, VoIP brings many other benefits.

Because VoIP is implemented over your internet connection, it’s easy to set-up, highly scalable and offers a greater degree of flexibility and agility to your workforce.

VoIP phone systems make it easy to keep up with emerging technology, future-proofing your business and enabling you to be brilliant.

The decline of ISDN

In April 2025, the UKs ISDN telephony system will be withdrawn. This will be complete by December 2025. This seems a while away but, given there are currently 2 Million business using ISDN phone systems in the UK, there will as in Germany in 2018, be a mad scramble to move to Voice over IP, leaving thousands of business disconnected.

Whether you are simply looking for a phone system or would like to integrate communications with your core systems and business processes, we can help.

VoIP The Future Today

Make the switch

We recommend business move from the legacy ISDN system to Voice over IP without delay, since the feature set of VoIP systems leave legacy techlology floundering and the capital cost reductions in hardware, often zero, maintenance, also zero and call costs, yes also zero, will surprise you. Voice over IP, the future today… 

Here are the top 4 benefits of SIP over ISDN:

Number portability and flexibility

There is not geographical location requirements for numbers and SIP permits out-of-area numbers to be used since your phone number is attached to an IP address instead of a physical telephone line. So, for instance a New York number may point to an office in London. Additionally, ISDN takes 6-8 weeks to implement, whereas SIP takes 24 hours to spin up and spin down.

Pink IP Pro - Cisco Deskphone


The bottom line is important for every business and with SIP savings are substantial. With ISDN your voice and data are on different lines, whereas with SIP you can reduce costs by having them on the same one. Also, SIP trunks can greatly reduce call charges including international calls and free calls between multiple sites and offices on the same network.

You can calculate the cost savings of adopting SIP with Gamma’s SIP vs. ISDN cost calculator and see for yourself.


SIP is deployed across your business’s existing WAN which means that you can add additional trunks in high demand and subtract them in low demand respectively in order to easily scale your telephony needs according to your business needs.

VoIP Handset

Disaster Recovery

Incidents happen and at some point your service could be interrupted by a network failure, a hardware problem, natural disaster or just bad weather. Luckily, one of the biggest benefits of SIP Trunks is the better reliability and much simpler disaster recovery when compared to legacy phone systems. If your business needs a zero downtime environment, SIP trunks allow automatic failover solutions to be implemented so that your numbers will divert to other locations without loss in service.

We hope this article has been of interest. If you want to migrate to SIP please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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