Credit Card Security and being compliant

An information security standard to ensure companies maintain a secure environment in order to securely handle cardholder data.

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Ensure your business is PCI DSS Compliant

Certified Business

Becoming PCI DSS ((Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) will demonstrate that a business takes security seriously. This can be done by displaying the PCI DSS Certificate in the office reception, on the website and on email headers and stationery.

Having PCI DSS is a great way to have the essential foundation security requirements for other standards and certifications, such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials and GDPR.

For further information regarding PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials, GDPR, or any of our other security products and services, talk to our IT Expert Team.

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Take Control 

The standard targets companies that store, process or transmit any cardholder data and ensures companies have the correct technical and operational requirements in place.


Ensure your company has the right controls

Controls & Procedures to Safeguard cardholder data

In these six categories are 12 x requirements that are broken down into sub-requirements, designed to ensure companies have the right controls and procedures in place to safeguard cardholder data. 

Some of the requirements may cross over with Cyber Essentials, sharing certain controls or procedures that may already be in place. 

The requirements are a mixture of both technical controls and procedures. These include; security policies, the clear separation of networks, computer hard drive encryption, development testing, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and many more. 

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