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ADSL2+ / FTTC Broadband

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Traditionally broadband would be delivered over a copper cable that ran from your premises all the way back to your local telephone exchange. Fibre to the Cabinet revolutionised this by bring an ultra fast fibre optic connection to the “green box” in the street and your business so much closer to the internet. Top download speeds are usually around 80Mbps giving your upto 4 times fast speeds that ADLS2+.

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Our solutions and installations teams are available today to discuss your requirements. 

Double the frequency of your typical ADSL connection.

ADSL2+ is capable of doubling the frequency band of typical ADSL connections. This doubles the downstream data rates of the previous ADSL2 standard and like the previous standards will degrade from its peak bitrate after a certain distance. ADSL2+ allows Pink Connect to bond or load balance multiple connections together. Multiple ports are physically provisioned to the enduser and the total bandwidth is equal to the sum of all provisioned ports. So, if 2 lines capable of 24 Mbit/s were bonded, the end result would be a connection capable of 48 Mbit/s download, twice the original speed. Four would produce 96Mb, quite a handy connection speed!

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Our solutions and installations teams are available today to discuss your requirements. 

What Businesses Say About Us

The response to my out of hours incident, where contractors had severed all Tele-comms into one of our sites was outstanding. Replying to emails throughout Saturday and Sunday, resulting in an engineer being on site before 9am on Monday morning.

A special mention for Jack Elliott who dealt with this incident.


I have just migrated my business phone to Pink Connect and have been so impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness of the teams. They have kept me updated at all steps, been proactive in providing solutions, uploaded my settings and provided me with training on the system. Being a small business I know how vital it is to deliver excellent service to customers and Pink Connect definitely make me feel that my custom is valued by them.

Thank you.

Sally H

They always deliver a fantastic service, very friendly and efficient. Their service is top-notch. I would like to mention OMAR who is very professional and knowledgeable.

Gabrielle R

Omar sorted out the issue I was experiencing quickly and explained how I can fix the issue myself should it happen again. He made some changes to the system so in theory it won’t happen again.

Zarvin Wildey

Completely satisfied with my new communications installation, from enquiry to pricing, to implementation. Attention to detail has been exemplary.

S Spinks