Need a compliant Wi-Fi system that actually works?

How many times have you been frustrated by painfully slow or nonexistent Wi-Fi? Guests vote on poor Wi-Fi with their feet these days, worse, it could lead to a sizeable fine. If your business supplies Wi-Fi open to the public,you have an enforceable legal obligation to ensure your users only download legal and appropriate content.

pinkWi-Fi – fulfills your legal obligations, apportions available bandwidth and ensures only appropriate user downloads!

pinkWi-Fi is a powerful, yet simply deployed solution that provides the Wi-Fi we all want, yet will guard against illegal/inappropriate downloads by guests or staff 24/7, manage the bandwidth given to users to prevent hogging and provide an email list of clients that use the service for targeted marketing purposes.

A pinkWi-Fi installation is surveyed, planned, designed, installed, configured and tested by our own team and is guaranteed to cover all areas of your building/open spaces and is easily customisable to your changing needs.

pinkWi-Fi – The end of the conversation about poor Wi-Fi…