Total peace of mind and complete future proof security - in one clever box!

Pink Sentinel – Unified Threat Management

Pink Sentinel– simply secure is our mantra. Provides complete, hassle free security features you need – all in one place.

Web portal reporting means you know exactly what’s happening with your users 24/7 – with daily threat updates..

At-a-glance flow graphs show usage trends with predefined and customizable reports, providing key information about internet activity.

Pink Sentinel – flexible deployment

Pink Sentinel gives you complete security—Network Firewall, Content Management, Bandwidth Distribution, Antivirus, Invisibility to hackers—all in a single modular appliance.

  • install as hardware or a virtual appliance or even in the cloud
  • license our protection modules individually. Or, you can choose one of our pre-packaged licenses-

Pink Sentinel – advanced threat protection

Stop sophisticated attacks that a firewall alone can’t stop with our leading edge Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

  • blocks application and protocol related attacks through deep-packet inspection.
  • signature database of over 10,000 patterns and rules is updated in real time
  • multi-core engineered to run at maximum speeds on the latest processors

Pink Sentinel – customizable web filtering

There are over 35 million “undesirable” web sites in 96 categories. Create a safe web browsing environment, minimise legal concerns around illegal/inappropriate content and maximise productivity – all with one box!

Set policy by users and time, using a variety of authentication options including IP or Mac Address and Active Directory.

Pink Sentinel – dynamic app control

Protect your employees from web threats and control their time online.

Graphical flow monitor and dynamic reports let you see if your policy is working and make instant adjustments.

Block, allow, shape and prioritize web applications like file sharing, IM clients, streaming media and games.

Deep Layer-7 inspection identifies over 900 applications, and gives feedback on unclassified applications too.

Pink Sentinel – the end of wondering about security…