Tired of waiting for a great Internet connection?

When all we wanted to do was send and receive the odd email, ADSL was OK, a big step up from dial-up. Now, when our businesses are wholly dependent on our Internet connection, ADSL is often just not fast enough or reliable enough.

If you are one of the millions that are unable to upgrade to Fibre Optic technology, you will have been stuck with the best that Openreach provides. Now, with pinksatellite this constraint disappears. You can have 20Mb download and 2 Mb upload, where ever your premises. All this from £40.00 per month!

The installation criteria are refreshingly straight forward. “Can the customer see the sky from their premises?” If yes, you can have pinksatellite.

The area covered is the whole of the UK. You will need a suitable south facing wall to mount the dish and we will do the rest.

Stream video, run data hungry programs and enjoy fast, two way Internet access for business 24/7. A breath of fresh air!