Mobile Security

All smartphones are secure and virus protected… right? Wrong!

Apps are getting smarter all the time. They allow people to easily make payments through their phones. Transferring funds, paying bills, or settling a tab on a handheld is becoming more and more common place. Unfortunately, malicious apps are becoming more and more clever. these apps imitate clean applications and then ‘phish’ for your personal data.

Mobile security apps are a necessity for peace of mind. To protect you, our mobile security will scan applications installed on your phone. This way you can be sure your personal and business information is kept secure. Similarly, if your device is ever lost or stolen, our mobile security premium can remotely lock it; In a worst case scenario it can even wipe that sensitive data from the device entirely.

Comprehensive antivirus features protect your data and privacy. Run a quick scan for harmful apps or a full scan to dig deep for any malicious files. With active protection, all apps installed will be checked.

Know everything that happens on your phone and tablet. Activity History helps you keep track of when, where, and how your device is being used.

From games to social networking, apps need your permission to work. However, some apps overstep boundaries. They spy on you or steal your information. Our mobile security allows you to investigate apps on your phone to make sure your data is secure.

So, if you would like to guarantee the secure transfer of 100% of your data between phones, call our mobile team on 0845 450 9393. It could be the most profitable call you make today!