Mobile Data Service

Avoid the frustration and risk of changing mobile devices in 30 minutes!

Transferring email, files, photographs, backups and data can be a nightmare your business literally never gets over. How would it be if you could simply plugged your old and new phone into a black box and press a button? Now you can!

pinkconnect recognise that changing phones can be a time consuming and risky process, often ending in substantial or complete data loss, making the whole process a nightmare. Multiply this by the number of phones in your business and it’s easy to waste days of valuable staff time and still end up with a disastrous result. Pink connect have now invested in world leading technology that makes this potentially onerous task simple, fast and 100% effective.

  • Transfer personal content from one phone to another; backup to a USB flash drive, SD card, remote server or the cloud
  • Fast “detect and correct” – the immediate identification and resolution of mobile device faults
  • Uploading of applications and content packages
  • Unprecedented system performance – the fastest content transfer speeds in the industry
  • Automated Phone Trade in program
  • Guaranteed 100% phone wiping