IP Max

Ever wished you could stop paying for calls?

Pink IP max – powerful, flexible, future proof hosted telephone system that includes unlimited calls from £12.95 a month!

pink IP max is a business grade hosted IP telephony system suitable for any sized business and is particularly effective for multiple sites. It’s capable of reliably serving one to hundreds of employees with ultra-reliable HD quality telephones.

With minimal capital outlay it’s a reliable, proven business grade service, a fresh approach to telephony and communications. By choosing pink IP max for your business, you will immediately benefit from a far more cost effective and flexible phone service. pink IP max will also improve your organisation’s productivity and image by seamlessly linking your staffs office phones with their mobiles, at no cost!

pink IP max is cloud based and accessed via a web-based portal and there are no PBX maintenance costs to worry about.

So what’s in the package?

  • Free Cisco/Polycom handsets – HD sound quality
  • Free delivery – Free Initial Set up and configuration
  • Free UK Local calls – Free UK National calls – Free UK Mobile calls
  • Free Fixed to Mobile Paring, be in when you’re out
  • Free advanced multi-level management web portal
  • Wall boards for real time monitoring
  • Flexible & Future proof with regular updates FOC
  • One supplier – End to end one point of contact
  • Full Office hours UK support
  • Multi-site deployment – One system to buy, rolled out over time
  • Highly reliable and scalable with full support wrap
  • Full disaster recovery inbuilt for business continuity
  • Abandoned call recovery ensures instant call return
  • After-hours tracking highlights suspicious activity/unauthorised calls

There are three monthly options:

£24.95 – Free Cisco/Polycom Handset – Unlimited Free 01, 02, 03 & 07

£19.95 – Free Cisco/Polycom Handset – Unlimited Free 01, 02 & 03.

£12.95 – Cisco/Polycom handset @ £145.00 – Unlimited 01, 02 & 03

Any extras available?

Mobile phone app                 £3.50  p/m

Reception Console                £30.00 p/m

Soft phone for laptop/phone   £3.50  p/m

CRM & Outlook integration    £5.00   p/m

Wall board application         £ application dependent

  • Includes lifetime handset replacement guarantee & Call Queue user
  • Includes lifetime handset replacement guarantee & Includes Call Queue user