Want to do away with your fax machine and receive/send better faxes?

pink fax2email – is our inbound fax service: This allows you to receive faxes via email.

We provide your own business fax number (all major area codes available – or your current number can be ported). You tell us to which email address to send faxes that arrive on that number, we convert the fax to a PDF document, add it as an attachment to an email and send it through to you – instantly.

Turning fax into email has multiple benefits: It’s crystal clear, you receive it in your email in box, reply easily, do away with your fax machine, save the cost of the fax line – £150 P/A and fax toner/paper! What’s more, you can copy the fax to other people instantly with a few mouse clicks and no loss of quality . . . . much better!

pink email2fax

Email to fax allows you to send a fax to any machine in the world, simply by sending an email. When setup the service will accept emails from pre-set authorised email address.

Outbound faxes costs 11p per page to UK land lines, they can be sent anywhere in the world and our system supports Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Tiff, JPEG and many other formats as attachments for your Email to fax.

You can sign up for pink fax2email, pink email2fax, or both…

pink email2fax has no standing charges, with pink fax2email, there’s a standing charge of £7.50 p/m for the inbound fax number. That’s it!