DESlock+ Encryption

An essential security component for GDPR compliance

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Keeping Data safe on portable devices to GDPR standards requires Full Disk Encryption.

Pink Connect recommends DESlock+ encryption, ensuring no unauthorised personnel can view or manipulate data or content on any portable device, even if the hard drive is removed and placed in a reader.

DESlock+ is “full disk encryption” software that ensures all disk contents become humanly unreadable when the computer is turned off. DESlock+ encryption uses AES 256bit bank-grade encryption, making it impossible to crack, with 1.1 x 1077 combinations.

Having DESlock+ encryption installed and active on devices within your organisation will ensure compliance with Article 32 of GDPR. The regulation is being enforced from 25th May 2018. This legislation applies to all organisations storing and processing personal/sensitive information. In addition, DESlock+ can also securely “shred” or “Write-over” any data that is no longer required, or that has been requested by the subject to be destroyed.

DESlock+ also encrypts USB drives, CDs, DVDs and most importantly emails. Emails are extremely important to keep secure, being far and away the most popular way to transmit messages containing highly sensitive information. Encrypting personal data that is moving from one location to another is essential, ensuring confidentiality if it is intercepted by an attacker.

DESlock+ allows organisations to control multiple devices over the internet, making it hugely beneficial to manage employees who work remotely, ensuring they have access to their computer if they have forgotten their password. Having DESlock+ in place will not impact the processing speed of your computer’s CPU, nor will it impact the productivity of your employees, making it seamless in the workplace.

Additional features:

  • No incoming server connection is needed
  • Independent of network accounts
  • Central Control of encryption security policy
  • Remotely management of encryption keys
  • Management of Full Disk Encryption
  • Remote use Wipe keys and removal of Full Disk Encryption users
  • Management of removable media encryption
  • Force regular password changes
  • Remotely reset passwords
  • Remote user recovery

Why Choose DESlock+?

DESlock+ is award-winning latest generation product, recognised by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and validated by the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2) in the United States.

DESlock+ also meets all requirements set out by both the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and Ofsted, below is a table of the recommendations from the ICO and DESlock+ solutions:


ICO Recommendation DESlock+
Portable devices (Laptops, tablets, smartphones) should be encrypted. Full disk and file and folder encryption included.
Portable storage media (USB memory sticks, portable hard drives, CD’s and DVD’s) should be encrypted. Removable media and virtual disk encryption included.
Any device storing data, used outside a secure space should be encrypted. DESlock+ Reader and DESlock+ Go (included) allows secure access to encrypted data on a home PC.
Any data no longer required should be securely deleted. DESlock+ Shredder (included) securely deletes documents and the recycle bin contents.
Data transmitted between systems and locations should be encrypted. Includes Microsoft Outlook Add-in for fully integrated encryption of emails and attachments.
Use an encryption solution that meets an accepted standard. FIPS-140-2 validated.


DESlock+ encryption is hugely beneficial to organisations of all sizes, keeping the personal and sensitive data you hold secure. It forms an essential component of GDPR compliance.

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