Pink Load-balancing

Great Internet access – when there isn’t any!

pinkloadbalancing – Pink connects patented technology is designed to radically improve the performance and resilience of Internet connections. Four times current speeds can be achieved.


pinkloadbalancingaggregates multiple Internet connections (ADSL – Fibre – Wireless 4G) into a single high-performance connection, that is flexible, ultra reliable and scaleable. It works with our standard ADSL & Fibre services and also with 4G and leased lines if Internet speeds are a problem. With low cost hardware making deployment seamless, fast and affordable, there’s just no need to tolerate slow Internet access any more!


pinkloadbalancingoffers seamless fail-over. In the event the primary line failing, Pink Connect will automatically use designated fail-over lines. VPNs, VoIP calls and existing Data transfers are unaffected and continue without interruption.


pinkloadbalancing- delivers great value to businesses with significant benefits to Internet users that are struggling and need faster connection speeds, a resilient service and a superior broadband experience all round.


pinkloadbalancing- Load balancing optimises resource use, provides maximum throughput, minimises response time and avoids the overload of any single resource. For those not looking for all out speed but need the reliability of more than one connection, our load balancing products distribute workloads across multiple connections (ADSL – Fibre – 4G).