4G Internet access

Tired of snail speed Internet access at your home or office? 4G Internet access for your office is here!

With speeds of up to 120Mbps download and 80Mbps upload, it’s the answer that thousands have been waiting for. Just install our High speed 4G Wi-Fi Router with a Mobile Broadband SIM card and you’re online. Simple as that!

And here is what David Eaves, General Manager at Stoneleigh Abbey says:

4G Internet Access at Stoneleigh Abbey

We use a combination of the latest generation 4G routers and if needed a paired external Antenna (about 9” square) that really elevate the speeds and reliability available. We stock everything needed, so its deployable “next day” with a minimum commitment of only 30 days. Call us today on 0345 450 9393 opt 1 and get up to speed!

4G Broadband alternative to fibre optic