Pink Connect is supporting World Vision during the Covid19 Outbreak.

We are hearing more and more that the countries that we work alongside are having to suspend all sponsorship operations. In fact, many of them are having to stop much more than that due to government restrictions and advice.

I just wanted to give a little update as to what that may mean:

  • Monitoring will not be happening – staff members cannot get to the children due to travel restrictions.
  • Programs have stopped – as people can’t gather, they can’t meet together to take part in most programs such as health, savings clubs, after school clubs, etc.
  • Letters cannot be delivered or responded to – letters that were sent to the field before the UK office closed, may not get a response at the moment.
  • Gifts will be accepted but they won’t be processed until we have a resolution.

I ask that you join me in praying for the children and their families, the communities, staff and volunteers in the field and National Offices, and our staff at WV international as we respond to this global pandemic. May the communities especially have the food that they need, the healthcare when they need it, and not feel alone. May our staff respond with wisdom. May we all prioritize our own safety.