Whilst we are still awaiting headline GDPR penalties for the big boys with the likes of EasyJet, Hilton Hotels, Facebook, Google, BA and Cathay Pacific in the firing line for blockbuster multi-million fines, SME business owners we speak to on a daily basis think “they aren’t going to come after the Little Guy”.

Wrong on several counts!

  1. The law applies to all Personal Data held by any size company, one-man-band to Banks. Blind faith that the Information Commissioners Office wont fine the Little Guy just won’t cut it when he has lost his customer database to criminals.
  2. Criminal Ransomware, Phishing and Banking Trojan malware continues to rocket, challenging businesses hopelessly unprepared to defend themselves, especially when their staff are working on insecure home networks.
  3. State-sponsored espionage, cyber-crime and sabotage targeting the weakest link – end users – continues to explode. Make no mistake, it’s just a question of time!
  4. The shifting attack vector from the network to the user is causing a nightmare of security management, multiplied a hundred fold with home working. Staff Cyber awareness and training is crucial.
  5. 2019 was the year single-factor passwords become the easiest keys to the kingdom… 2020 is breaking all Cybercrime records and growth is exponential.

Your business is the result of thousands of hours of personal effort, the failure to properly protect it puts every minute you have spent at risk.

May we suggest possibly the most valuable outcome from this lockdown would be to secure it – properly.

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