The new “Normal” –  Working from Home…

The new Criminal “Normal” – Easy passwords, no meaningful security, easy Phishing…

With Sensitive Data on Company Laptops, its easy pickings for criminals to take advantage of the lax, or non-existent home security staff are using to access company data and cash.

You always lock your house because its full of valuables you don’t want criminals to take. Its crazy not to lock your computer in the same way.

Four easy steps to really improve your e-Security:

  1. NEVER open attachments from anyone you don’t know. If it’s important, they will call you!
  2. CHECK the grammar, spelling and syntax in emails, its really common for spam, phishing or scam emails to contain simple mistakes.
  3. STRONG PASSWORDS are essential. Best to use a Password Manager like LastPass
  4. CALL THE EXPERTS: Pink Connect are specialists in e-Security and have a brilliant range of low cost products that will keep you, your business and your money safe.

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