The corruption-reporting bug is among a set of vulnerabilities being ironed out by developers.

Microsoft has delayed the release of the next major Windows 10 upgrade by two weeks after flagging a number of issues including a zero-day corruption-reporting vulnerability.

The May 2020 Update must wait until the end of the month as Windows 10 developers plan a further set of fixes with an additional build of the flagship operating system.

The release of the final Windows 10 May 2020 build has been pushed back to 28 May, according to Windows Latest.

The upgrade is expected to focus mostly on improving existing features in Windows 10 as opposed to innovating and releasing new ones. Windows 10 will feature an improved Task Manager and Settings menus. Not all users will see the next upgrade on this date, however, with some users and businesses expected to wait longer in light of the phased approach to rolling out updates that Microsoft has adopted. Conventionally, Microsoft would initiate updates on Windows 10 machines automatically once its data indicated that users would enjoy a trouble-free experience. However, major rollout disasters that plagued the April and October 2018 updates triggered the development of a new mechanism that allows users to defer updates for up to 35 days.