Phone SystemThe PSTN Switch Off is approaching fast!

Pink Connect do not want any businesses left in the dark about what is going to happen to UK Analogue phones. In 2017 Openreach announced that all traditional analogue landline telephones will be disconnected, and everyone must transfer over to an internet-based system, known as VOIP.

Why is it being Switched Off?

With plans to switch off older PSTN and ISDN BY 2025, the government have given Openreach the task to modernise the UK’s telecommunications infrastructure. Once the time comes for PSTN to be switched off, any businesses still relying on it to use their telephone systems will be cut off.

What is Happening?

Public Switched Telephone Network also known as PSTN is the current infrastructure used for connecting phone calls. The way this works is through two call points paired with one of; fibre optic cables, satellites, undersea cables, or mobile networks, which are then all connected by automated switching centres.

In 2025 this system is planned to be replaced with Internet Protocol (IP) technology. This is a digital phone service also known as Voice Over IP (VOIP). This works by connecting the two parties through the internet rather than traditional phone lines. Therefore, as long as your business has a reliable internet connection, the telecoms can be supported.

Benefits of the Switch Off:

  • Businesses can use the Switch Off as a huge opportunity to revamp their phone system! With new and more advanced technology replacing Analogue phone systems businesses can take their communications to the next level improving their in-house communication and customer service.
  • Cost! Businesses can save so much money when they switch as PSTN is most often more expensive to operate on that IP. A benefit of VoIP is that is can be tailored to the needs of the business which can create more cost savings.
  • IP works alongside with hybrid working as it means business numbers are not tied to a physical location. This can benefit easily transferring calls between sites and sign-up new lines on demand.

How to Prepare:

Although the switch off completion date is 2025, the process will start in April 2023 which means business will not have much time to modernise their phone systems. Different parts of the UK will move at different paces, for example the first phase of the process it to stop selling PSTN services, however this will not have taken full effect nationwide until September 2023.

What can your Business do now?

The best action we can give you now is to switch over to our VoIP packages before the deadline of 2025 so that your business is prepared and ahead of the game! We want your business to succeed.

Pink Connect can help you switch over to the best option for your business and support you all the way. Pink Connect’s expert IT support team is just one phone call away and can help you with any queries or questions you have.

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