EE is still the top-performing UK mobile network operator, with its 4G average download speed of 43.0 Mb being the fastest network. This means users can download a 600MB video from Netflix in under two minutes.

In fact, the BT-owned operator’s 4G average download speed was twice as fast as Vodafone’s, which was ranked second at 21.1 Mb. Three and O2 scored UK-wide average download speeds of 13.9 and 12.9 Mb respectively.

When it came to 5G results, EE tied with Vodafone for first in 5G network accessibility, both being significantly ahead of other competitors. For comparison, EE’s lowest 5G availability of 19.6%, recorded in Edinburgh, was higher than O2’s highest availability of 17.1% in Hull. However, Vodafone was found to have by far the fastest speeds on 5G. Its 5G median download speed of 216.6 Mb was found to be more than 11 times faster than its speed on 4G LTE, and its impressive 5G maximum download speed of 545.6 Mb was found to be fastest in London. EE’s fastest 5G median download speed, recorded in Hull, was measured at 143.6 Mb.

Compared with the rest of Europe, the UK still lags significantly behind in its rollout of next-generation 5G, despite being an early proponent of the tech. Overall UK coverage sits at just 30%, significantly behind the likes of Switzerland at 90%, and Finland at 55%.

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