In the evolving world of telecommunications, change is the only constant.

Today, we stand at the threshold of a new era in our journey as we say farewell to new installations of PSTN products.

Why the Change?

All companies and consumers need to switch to updated broadband options in advance of the 2025 PSTN Switch-off. Keeping up to date with the modern world and keeping your communication connected is important for business growth. Pink Connect are here to help you keep your business connected and futureproof communication channels.

Our aim is to offer you the right package that best aligns with your business needs.

Internet options Pink Connect can offer:

  • SoGEA provides superfast internet access without the need for an active phone line. It allows users to enjoy broadband connectivity independently, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for modern internet users.
  • SoGFast is based on the current FTTC technology without analogue technology. It is designed to provide symmetrical upload and download speeds. It is aimed to improve areas where fibre-optic infrastructure is challenging.
  • FTTP is an advanced broadband technology that brings fibre-optic cables directly to your business, delivering ultrafast and reliable internet, up to 1000 Mbps. It offers enhanced security compared to alternative broadband connections, as fibre optic cables are less susceptible to external interference.
  • Leased Lines provide the flexibility to scale up or down as per business requirements allowing for seamless expansion without compromising performance.
  • 4G/5G Mobile Broadband is much faster than traditional broadband, it does not require any installation, and is perfect for business users on the go or in areas with no available services.
  • All networks, all solutions.

With the change in connectivity, there is a change in business communication and security, which is why Pink Connect is offering an exceptional package designed to provide support for your business from every angle.


  1. Hosted Telephony: a Pink P+ licence with unlimited calls (local, national, mobile and some international destinations) will ensure you enjoy the latest telecommunications technology.
  2. Microsoft 365 Business Standard licence, to give you access to the Cloud and all the applications you normally use: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook…
  3. ESET PROTECT Complete licence to simplify your requirements and boost your security standards.
  4. Customer Support: Throughout this transition, our dedicated team will be by your side, ready to address any questions or concerns you may have.
  5. Remote IT Support is included for one device!

All for £39.95+VAT p/m per user. T&Cs Apply.

If you would like to add additional features to your package please get in touch for more information.

Switch now and contact us on 0345 450 9393 or email