As a society, most things have been “thrown away” as soon as they break. But in truth, there is no “away”. Just try and find the “away” in a picture of Earth from space!

Locally, over lockdown, we saw Pink Connect’s customers wanting to continue to use technology they had, rather than buying new. Speaking to customers, there are two main reasons: firstly, they seem to be becoming more eco-conscious and secondly, they don’t want the upheaval of buying new hardware. As a supplier of both new and refurbished hardware, we see at least as many warranty claims with new machines as with our refurbished hardware, that hardly ever breaks down!

We recently asked our customers to donate their old computer hardware for a project we completed. We received 107 supposedly “end of life” PCs and Laptops. We found all but two which were able to be refurbished to full working order and given to students at Shipston High School who did not have their own computer at home. We only had to scrap two very old machines. Amazing!

Before you scrap your machines, it’s worth having a conversation with our Tech Team on 0345 450 9393 to see if they are really “end of life” (in which case we could recycle them to students) or if they can be economically upgraded, to provide years of reliable service going forward. Either way, you won’t be trying to find “away”!