Password SecurityThe top 200 most common passwords of 2022

Common passwords worldwide are largely the same, gender and region did have an effect…

Strings of numbers and ‘password’ remain the most popular password choices for users around the world despite their insecurity.

In the UK, names of football teams also ranked highly among the most-used passwords of the year.

For example, ‘liverpool’ was the fourth most popular password of the year, while ‘arsenal’, ‘chelsea’, and ‘liverpool1’ were all in the top 15.

The most used password by women was ‘guest’ versus the old favourite of ‘12345’ among men.

Both genders in the UK used ‘password’ and ‘123456’ as their top choices, but stark differences were visible in the remainder of the top five results: ‘charlie’, ‘tigger’, and ‘sunshine’ versus ‘mosh2021’, ‘12345’, and ‘liverpool’ were the results for women and men, respectively.

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