A study has found some surprising truths about working from home.

50% that try it, miss the work environment.

  • They report “the big three” distractions…
    • The Fridge
    • The bed
    • The TV

50% of those that try it, love it!

Those that re-choose to work from home having tried it for a month get 20% more done every day. That’s huge… an extra days’ work a week!

  • 25% of the extra efficiency comes from not being distracted.
  • Punctuality is never an issue as there is no commuting
  • They take shorter lunch breaks.
  • They say they are happier.

Now, given that this is the ‘new normal‘, are you and your employees systems ready for the ‘working from home’ experience? The new challenges businesses now face are:

  • slow connectivity at remote workers houses (only residential packages in place)
  • poor security (whilst their laptops might be secure, their routers at home are not)
  • background noise when on phone calls (staff not having noise cancelling headsets)
  • hardware, software, antivirus, all out of date and on home versions

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