When we moved back to glorious Warwickshire into our 1970’s built 4 bed detached house, which we love, we only had one concern which was the oil based central heating system.

Not only is oil a dirty fuel it was also proving to be expensive.  We monitored all our costs during that first year and to our horror discovered we were paying over £2,400 to heat our house (twice a day) and on total electricity.

Oil- £1,300 + Logs £300+ Electricity £840
Total £2,440

Problem was the village we had moved to did not have a gas connection.  So, what to do?

We looked at Solar Panels to generate free power.Solar Case Study Panel

This here is part of a 4KW solution we installed.  There are another 6 panels at the back of the house.  Today November 5th at 10:00am we are generating 2.5KW which is amazing for this time of year.  Now what is key about this fact.

The solar I am now generating is covering 40% of my annual consumption.  My annual bill which fulfils all my electrical requirements and heating is £1500. Without the panels it would be £2,660. (Note measured total original cost above)

How am I heating the house then?

Energy StorageWe installed an air source heat pump. The heat pump is subject to a grant which over 7 years means you recover the cost of the upgrade.  Roughly £10K. There is a cost of money but

          • From Time to time we all need a new boiler
          • All my radiators were upgraded to latest
          • No smelly oil and I am saving at least £1000.00 per annum (on top of that incentive) on running costs (40% of my electricity is free)
          • The heating is on all day and all night keeping the house at a constant 20´C

Cheaper, Warmer, Modern and Carbon Neutral as we source our electricity from reusable suppliers.