do you have internet connection outdoors

Across the UK the major mobile networks (except O2) will continue to switch off all 3G throughout the rest of the year in a phased approach, tackling region by region and complete by the end of 2023. This means any businesses left with 3G only devices will need to upgrade their connectivity solutions so that they are not left disconnected.

Upgrading your connectivity could not have come at a better time! The suns out, which means it’s time for thousands of BBQs and outdoor events. These need a Wi-Fi connection for taking payments on a card machine at a fundraiser or fete and to play music through speakers at festivals. Either way your business is going to need a fast and secure connection to tackle the huge number of users consuming data.

Download and upload speeds are consistently far higher when using 4G & 5G solutions – providing a vital solution to small businesses looking to compete in an increasingly data-hungry environment but at a realistic cost.

Pink Connect has a range of solutions for your connectivity needs. We have a team of expert engineers that can answer any questions you may have and even come to your site for an audit and installation. No matter where our team are, we will never leave you in the dark, even supporting you remotely from our head office.

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