Summer Broadband

Summer Outdoor Events means Upgrading your Connection!

Summer 2023 is almost here, which means concerts, festivals, fundraisers, and fetes are just around the corner for most businesses and organisations. When it comes to outdoor events, it can be really difficult to find a good, reliable data connection that reaches all of your guests.

That’s why we are here to help you! Our outdoor connectivity offering is the perfect solution for your summer events this year, with multiple routers around the site, you will ensure great connectivity for all of your guests.

Our mobile connectivity solutions can provide exceptionally fast upload and download speeds to take care of all of your business needs. Our outdoor Wi-Fi solutions can grant access to video conferencing for business mobile users as well as VoIP calls or email and support to high data demand applications such as Microsoft 365. Providing a vital solution to small businesses looking to compete in an increasingly data-hungry environment but at a realistic cost.

Our outdoor Wi-Fi solutions can support a huge number of clients connected at the same time over a sizeable area. We can also provide secure remote management and support for your outdoor Wi-Fi connection with an inclusive monthly rental package. Our experienced team of support engineers are on hand to assist should you need us.

Our outdoor Wi-Fi solutions are compatible with all mobile data tariffs provided by the major service providers.

Rest assured, all security and firmware updates are applied remotely and your outdoor Wi-Fi connection will come with a powerful internal security firewall which can also be configured remotely. Your data will remain secure!

Up to 5 Gigabit ethernet ports on our routers mean you can hardwire devices such as computers, games consoles or smart televisions.

All hardware is covered by a 24 month warranty with the option of our advanced replacement scheme

We can provide a wide range of routers including multi Sim card options which will give you an automatic switch over should your primary connection experience any unexpected quality issues drop and can be configured to provide the best signal possible. Our routers can be supplied with a range of external antennas which will ensure a robust connection. Routers with optional onboard GPS tracking and dual channel Wi-Fi can also be specified.

So, whether you’re hosting a festival and need connectivity to play music through your speakers, display content on your dynamic advertising board or video call or you’ve planned a fundraiser and need your card machines to stay connected call us and upgrade your connectivity solutions before the big event!

If you’re hosting an outdoor event this year, get in touch with us and find out which option suits you best.

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