The hardest challenge a business faces is its security. All it takes is one employee to click one bad link and suddenly your data is being stolen or even worse! We take many steps to avoid this as keeping our data safe is our number one priority. We hope to share our knowledge on this subject in this article and we hope you find it useful too.

ESET Endpoint Security– ESET Endpoint Security allows to manage all devices on our system. With ESET we can choose what websites can be visited on company devices and can scan all devices for viruses. ESET has a large and constantly growing database of known viruses making sure that ones on the data base don’t make their way to your data.

DES Lock+ Encryption- DES Lock+ Encryption encrypts all data on the hard drive using AES 256bit bank grad encryption making all data unreadable to anyone trying to access your data without a login.

Some of the actions we take in-company:

  • We make sure to check all our emails and to make sure that it is from the actual person and not someone impersonating the sender in the attempts to steal our data.
  • We make sure that our operating system is always at its newest version. Newer versions patch out flaws in the system some minor but sometimes to fix exploits that could allow hackers to access your sensitive data.
  • We don’t overshare on social media! One of the easiest ways your information can be stolen is through posts on social media whether it’s accidental through a picture you post or just from carelessly sharing sensitive details.
  • Finally, we make sure our passwords are unique and use capitals, numbers and symbols. An unsecure password is the easiest way to get your data stolen by thieves.

Our Cyber Team will evaluate any necessary actions to ensure that your data is kept secure and away from thieves and hackers. This will ensure that you are a part of the minority group who keep the data completely untouchable.

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