may 2024

SME’s are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to their limited protection measures. The impact of an SME breach is often terminal and causes massive damage to customer data whilst destroying business reputation.

Did you know over 80% of data breaches stem from employee mistakes? Pink Connect provides software and systems to secure your devices and prevent cyber attacks. We also offer Cyber Awareness Staff Training to support your employees.

Companies should feel reassured that their devices are safe from malicious threats that cause the loss of personal data.

Our system identifies and removes any type of threat, ransomware and targeted attack before they can be executed, conducting regular system scans and providing unparalleled protection against advanced cybercrime.

By securing your passwords with a system that generates and stores complex unmemorable passcodes in a vault, you enhance your safety measures significantly. You can also securely share passwords with teams or specific individuals!

Businesses trust Pink Connect to protect their digital assets and our security team is committed to ensuring your business progresses safely.

may 2024

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