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Is your business Spring ready?


Staying connected wherever you are means you are never out of touch with the digital world. From campsites to outdoor movie theatres, enjoy reliable, fast and secure internet access.
If your business needs a guest network or seamless internet access throughout your premises, we’re here to help guarantee uninterrupted connectivity during the summer period.
Our outdoor Wi-Fi solutions can support a large number of clients connected at the same time over a sizeable area! We can also provide remote management and support for your outdoor connections.
With concerts, outdoor theatres, sports facilities, outdoor hospitality venues, fetes and many more…Pink Connect’s outdoor wireless 4G and 5G robust routers offer a range of features designed specifically to address the unique requirements of outdoor events.
Our mobile connectivity solutions provide exceptionally fast upload and download speeds that meet your business expectations, so you can connect with clients and colleagues, from anywhere. All networks, all packages just to suit your needs.


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Reach out to the team to discuss your challenges. We surely have the right package for your business.