If you could contact customers in a way that would guarantee they respond immediately, you know they will be there for their appointment, be there to receive your delivery, respond to a request… all for a few pence, you’d do it right?

SMS Business TXT from your desktop or tablet, is the most cost effective way your business can guarantee a customer response, whatever it is you want to communicate and its far more effective than even calling them.

For example:

  • Reminders for Doctors, Dentists, Hairdressers, Couriers, Viewings… Text messaging reminds your customer at exactly the right time to arrive, confirm, reschedule or cancel. “No Shows” are cut by a massive 70%.
  • Debt collection… response rates of 40% compared to 9% for calls!
  • Bulk immediate communication… The School is closed because of snow, heating issues… Completed accurately and comprehensively in minutes.
  • Coordinating staff: SMEs, Street Teams, Charities, Logistics, Carers, Temp Agencies, Job centres.
  • Fund Raising: for Charities, Schools etc.
  • Feedback: Big responses from customer experience feedback text messages.
  • Time Critical notifications: Results from hospital and medical, MOT stations & garages, education.

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