We’ve applied ‘green’ practices to everything we do!

As a company we have also been reducing our carbon footprint through our internal procedures and practices which include:

  • Substantial use of web conferencing
  • Significant use of audio conferencing. Pink Connect and their suppliers use 1,750,000 minutes a year on audio conferencing alone, saving 80,000 miles of travel per year
  • Use of recycled paper on all printed collateral and stationery
  • Waste recycling points across all sites
  • An electronic invoicing policy since June 2009 means we no longer produced paper invoices; instead invoices became available online only, through the Pink Connect Portal, In the 11 years since introduction, we have saved of over a third of a Million printed pages and envelopes.
  • Supporting Green third parties

Annual power consumption against call minutes per month across Pink Connect network:

  • Now the combination of much lower annual power consumption with our carbon offset programme means that Pink Connect and their customers are using the greenest network in the UK.
  • Buy into an environmentally friendly solution
  • Ideal solution for organisations who are required to meet key green objectives
  • No greener way of making calls in the UK