on the phonePink Connect are probably the first service provider to do a platform wide deployment of RTCP-XR voice metrics on Yealink and Polycom handsets.

The primary benefit is we can look at any call over the last 5 days and get the Phone’s view of how good the audio/video portion of that call was.

In addition, we can collate all that information and get a view of the whole system, averaging all the scores across 1000s of calls an hour.

This score will consider the Pink IP pro platform, internet peering and all customer internet connectivity. In this way, we can complement the existing stats we collect.

The above graph is typical and shows the last 36 hours. 440 is the maximum score you can hit, so you can see just how close to the maximum 440 we are achieving.

If you are not using Pink IP pro telephones, give us a call to find out how your business can benefit from call quality this good! 0345 450 9393 opt 1.