A Boarding kennel business based in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside was struggling with internet connection. Initial contact was made by the owner to see if we could provide a solution for the connection misery. After a site visit it became clear that the lack of decent broadband connection was actually really affecting the business as card payments could not be taken and bookings could not be made. Furthermore the owner had been a victim of a recent cyberattack.

The solution put together was to upgrade and install two broadband lines connected into our Sentinel unit. The sentinel unit provided the Firewall network protection for the business whilst being able to load balance the speed of both lines to create a stable broadband connection more than 5 times the previous speed. Two Wi-Fi Access points were also installed to make sure of excellent Wi-Fi coverage around the premises. The owner was very pleased that I took the time to visit the business premises and understand their actual needs and put the correct solution in place.