“I have sponsored Lavyson since he was two years old, he is now 21!”

“Remembering him in the first picture I saw, a little lost-looking two-year-old, kid with no shoes, I wondered what difference my monthly sponsorship would make. My £26 per month has bought him shoes, school uniform, medical needs, an education (he now writes to me in super neat English as you can see) he has graduated with excellent grades, he has qualified as a Carpenter and has just started his own business. An Entrepreneur! In truth, I have not noticed the £26 a month going out, Lavyson on the other hand most certainly has. I am clear he was given an opportunity to transform his life, and he took it. God Bless you Lavyson!” – James Pink

We are very grateful to be able to offer our support to people in need. Pink Connect Ltd sponsors 18 kids in Africa. See the feedback from one of them. We are very proud of his progress, studies and success. #Compassion shares their vlog to show the hope we can bring to other communities: Video, Blog