What do you do when you need to be able to run an office in area with a weak mobile signal and no broadband available?

That was the problem one of our prospects was facing in Autumn 2021 when he started constructing new homes on a development just outside Cranbrook, Kent.

‘The site was on farmland so there was no broadband. My phone signal flickered with less than one bar, and usually had no signal at all’, said the managing director of Clarity Homes and Commercial.

We had to drive off the site to find enough phone signal to order more materials, call suppliers and staff, and have online meetings with the developer and architect. It wasted a lot of time and was very inconvenient. The temporary site office there wasn’t really much use apart from storing things.’

The prospect contacted Pink Connect Tunbridge Wells for advice. Further to survey, we realised that without any telecoms infrastructure nearby the only option was to make best use of the available mobile phone signal. The higher we go, the better the signal we get, so we decided to install an antenna on top of the site office, cabled through to a 4G router inside using an unlimited data SIM. The SIM option is cheaper than people believe and means that the building team can easily download large files without any issues.

And it worked! The signal strength was more than enough for the Clarity team to use Wi-Fi calling on their mobiles, and any laptops could get onto the internet using Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable connected to the 4G router. ‘Now the site office can actually do what it’s meant for. And when we’ve finished the work here we can take the 4G equipment with us to use again at the next site, so the investment works long term for us and we won’t get caught out next time’.

If you have problems getting online where you are in Kent, get in touch with Pink Connect to advise you on your options.

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