Apple has confirmed that its latest iPhone 15, will NO LONGER feature its proprietary lightning charging port due to EU regulations. This is the first iPhone since 2012 to feature an alternative charging port.

Critics worry about a potential increase in discarded cables as it will adopt the universally accepted USB-C cable. This change is in response to EU efforts to simplify consumer experiences, cut costs, and reduce e-waste by encouraging charger reuse. Apple will also provide a USB-C-to-lightning port adapter for existing accessories.

In addition to the iPhone 15, Apple unveiled a new Apple Watch series with advanced technology and plans to cease the use of leather in accessories and aim for carbon neutrality as they increase the use of recycled materials. 

Apple places a strong emphasis on their security features, however, at Pink Connect you can strengthen your business’s data protection, reduce security risks and optimise your mobile plans to align with your specific business needs. 

For businesses considering mobile solutions, the move to USB-C and Apple’s sustainability efforts may positively impact their choices and compatibility with services like Pink Connect, who are known for comprehensive and eco-friendly telecom and IT solutions. 

The iPhone 15 Pro and Max have many features, including an ‘action button’ in place of the mute switch that can be customised for a variety of functions, such as activating the Camera, recording Voice Memos, and even translating, etc. 

The new Apple Watch will feature gesture control, where you are able to answer calls, confirm payments, open a notification, reply to messages, play and pause music and more, by just tapping your index and thumb together twice. In the communication industry, you can see how modern technology is evolving and impacting businesses. Imagine the time that can be saved in a business with employees answering customers through a simple double-tap!  

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