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By Tyrese Garvie | Pink Connect

With an estimate of 43,000,000 mobile phones being in circulation by 2018, UK mobile users need to wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to mobile security. Nick Dawson from Samsung says “The most dangerous [threats to security] are the people who are just unaware they are doing something dangerous” – this is in terms of internal security, in terms of external security, the most dangerous people are the people who want to gain access to your mobile phone to steal your sensitive data; “business espionage does happen” says Dawson.

Getting into your mobile phone is not a hard task for anyone who knows what they’re doing. Samsung claims that the easiest and most simple way of gaining access to a mobile phone is to trick somebody into clicking a malicious link. But we’ve seen it done in many different ways here at Pink Connect. Dawson says that methods of entry are becoming far more “sophisticated”. Pink Connect’s research has found that you can enter a smartphone through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a printer and even just having someone’s mobile phone number – it really isn’t rocket science, and after a few tutorials on the dark web, you’ll be a pro – it isn’t hard to be hacker and that’s why it’s important you protect yourself, because anyone with a laptop can take down your business with the right knowledge… especially if you don’t have anything protecting your network like a Sentinel device.

Watch the video Here.

As you can see in the video above, Samsung’s Nick Dawson makes a lot of points about cyber-security and how to keep your mobile device safe. A good point made is that “education is important” – too many businesses just simply aren’t aware of the cyber-security world and how dangerous it is if you operate a business (of any size) without having security in place to protect you and your customers. It is paramount to inform and educate your staff and yourself about how to protect data – not only your own data, but the data of your customers and partners; otherwise you can expect GDPR to land on your business like a pile of bricks. Breaches are occurring every day, across the globe and it is turning into a pandemic, with GCHQ stating that the situation has become ‘as serious as terrorism’. Is your business taking it seriously enough?

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