Mobile malware is on the rise!

Android and Apple make up 96.8% of the mobile market as of Q4 2016. This has by default, made them targets for cyber criminals, looking to cash in on completely unprotected smartphones and tablets. Phishing attempts, malicious apps, fake Wi-Fi hotspots and ransomware are becoming common on mobile devices as criminals look for quick and easy targets. Protecting them as you would your desktop or server is therefore essential… Especially if you take your mobile to work!

Android devices are subject to hundreds of widely used software hacks which are then let loose on your business network as soon as you walk through the door (and your phone logs on to your Wi-Fi). Apple users, who until now have considered themselves safe, are also at risk, as even if the I-Phone is not hacked, the malware it now contains can ravage a Windows network once Wi-Fi connected.

Fortunately, ESET now secures Smartphones and Tablets in the same way it protects PCs, Servers and Laptops. Less than £50 a year will protect all your devices, so you and your business won’t become one of the Cyber Crime statistics in 2017.

Do something today rather than wish you had later. Call 0345 450 9393 opt 1 and get into action about your businesses security for less than £1 a week.