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Malware is by far the biggest threat to your business when connecting to or browsing the internet. It makes newspaper headlines every day, so you would think that users would adapt to stay safe on-line, but they are failing to even follow the basics to protect themselves. Just visiting one of the 35 Million malicious websites or clicking on any of the 250,000 daily attack email attachments, can download Malware that will stop your business dead in its tracks.

Malwarebytes have produced a very readable, yet eye-opening report of the different types of malware currently being distributed and how ridiculously easy it is to be a victim.

Covered within the report, is the staggering 267% annual growth in the distribution of Ransomware, how much it will likely increase next year.

Malware is incredibly sneaky – easily hiding in most common file types like word documents and email attachments. Your business needs to take steps to prevent loss through Malware attack.

The full report can be seen via the link here:


Protection against malware requires a three-fold approach:

• A Unified Threat Management Device on the boundary of your network: constantly updated, monitoring and removing malicious traffic trying to enter or leave the

• Endpoint security: within the network will constantly be on the lookout for malicious activity on the computer. In addition to understanding the basic threats that
can be on the internet and being able to identify what is safe, whether its visiting websites or downloading files.

• Staff training: on what to look for and steps to take if they think something is wrong.

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