billionphotos 2610724Malware has been around from the very early days of computers, it started off as a Geeks “look what I can do” type of program. Sadly those times are gone and every day, we see 30,000 malicious content websites launched and 230,000 Internet malware attacks, ranging in intention from personal data theft, Intellectual Property theft, data system compromise, Phishing and of course Ransomware… all designed with evil intent for criminal profit.

SMEs are specifically targeted for many of these, as they are seen as easy targets that “pay up”. They usually have a cheap plastic router that’s easy to crack and little or no effective network protection. Worse, they are told “your OK” by their system maintainer, who also has little idea what’s going on because their focus has historically been making sure email works and everyone can print!

In truth, we find most PCs and Laptops already have malicious software running “in the background” – that their Anti-Virus has let slip through. It’s not uncommon to scan a machine and find 100+ such pieces of software that the user (and their IT Guy) have not spotted. Great job!

Given the imminent impact of GDPR (or more specifically the crippling level of fines that accompany the new regulation) – IT Security can no longer be left to chance. Your business needs a hard outer shell AND effective protection from within. If your company is to survive life in the connected future, you need to ensure your network is fit for purpose and secure.

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