A West Country Estate Agents has for many years been very successful, and had grown their presence to eight High Street locations throughout the region. However, each shop had a separate ISDN phone system, fine for that branch, but as the business grew, the time consumed taking messages for staff in different branches became a hinderance to business. Negotiators on their way to viewings were “out of contact” for much of the day, and purchasers were having to chase or leave messages for the right team member in order to get questions answered and buy houses. Missed calls, endless emails and post-it notes were the result., who recognised something had to change if they were to move forward.

Our Solution:

Pink Connect met with the Senior Partner and the eight Branch Managers. After a consultation period, where Pink Connect Staff asked questions to understand where the breakdowns were occurring, and what would transform the Sales and Letting Teams environment, it was decided to move to a Pink Connect IP Pro Unified Voice over IP solution, meaning all offices were at last, effectively in the same place. Calls could be transferred too any staff member with a short extension code, meaning Vendors and Purchasers could be put through to the right person immediately – on the first call. Even those staff members frequently out on the road or visiting properties could answer exactly as if they were at their desk, since their mobile phone acted as an extension to the office system with a simple App, with a Bluetooth Earpiece. Even making calls from their mobile App presents their main office phone number. No more missed calls, emails, post-it notes or confusion, everyone speaks to the right person first time.

The outcome:

The result has been dramatic within the business. There are now twelve branches, the clients experience their end to end sales or purchase journey with one or two members of staff, messages have been dramatically cut and – they sell more houses! During the recent Pandemic, staff have simply taken their desk phones home and plugged them into their home Broadband, everyone is connected in exactly the same way and business continues. Quite a result, as it also comes with a large cost reduction over their old unconnected phone systems.