If you’ve got a smart phone or tablet, you’ve no doubt come into contact with location services – Applications that can pinpoint your location and provide you with information based on where you are.

Many apps on your phone or tablet use location services these days to track your location, this is often masqueraded as ways to “stay in touch” with friends or other businesses but the bottom line is that they always know where you are – of course in most cases it can be very useful for you, but you need to view these applications on a ‘per app’ basis to see if it really needs access to your data and if you switched it off how would it affect how you can use the app. Luckily, it’s illegal for apps to automatically use your location so you should only opt-in to the apps that it is beneficial for them to know your location (the obvious one is a map service app!).

The burgeoning digital economy and the Internet of Everything (IoE) are creating a vast new wave of opportunities for security breaches across networks. The faster customers can deploy a solution, the faster they can detect, block and remediate these emerging security threats.


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