Ignore the flood of homeworking advice and find your own way

The coronavirus has sent us all home to work and that’s sparked an outbreak of advice. Twitter is flooded with advice such as “get dressed” and “go for a walk”, while newspapers and tech sites alike share tips like “maintain normal hours” and “use collaboration tools”. Forget them; they are not your boss.

Many suggest you should get dressed in the morning. I say, if you aren’t leaving the house, wear what you want. Wear nothing at all, though be more modest if on a video call, for everyone’s sake. Some home people don’t feel ready until they fully dress for the day, others are perfectly productive in pyjamas.

Wear what works for you. Set up a dedicated workstation and work in the same place each day. I have an office with a great chair.

Rule: Getting up, take a walk outside – good. Loafing on the sofa – bad. And, when this is over, remember what works for you. Some learn you’re most productive at 7am, or that you focus well with a TV on or get a lot done when your co-workers can’t interrupt with chit chat.

Tell your boss you’d like to come in early, or that you’ll be working from home a few days a week going forward.

Such demands may sound crazy, but having discovered my own best working practices, I’m more productive than ever.

Now that my working day is in my hands alone, I answer only to myself. Sometimes it’s hard, and it’s taken effort  to uncover what works best for me. But now I know.

So ignore the tips and tricks and figure it out on your own — you might learn something about yourself along the way.

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