cyrptocurrency man67% of the millions of daily SME “hacking” attempts are now targeted at telephone systems. By comparison, SQL servers – which represented the second-most attacked category – accounted for only 4% of attacks. Given these hacking attacks are now running 24/7 on hundreds of powerful servers, with software specifically designed to detect telephone systems, it’s a matter of when and no longer if

Why are they putting so much effort in? It’s easy money. In some countries the profits from phone hacking exceed credit card fraud. Once criminals have access to your phone lines, a weekend could see £30,000 racked up in Premium rate calls… Guess who is liable to pay? UK law holds the owner of the lines liable for calls made on them, whether or not they made them, or even knew about them.

Answers? A couple of options:

  • Keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t happen to you.
  • Secure your phones, computers and business against the thousands of very clever criminals that would profit from you taking option one.

For as little as £295.00 you could be literally “invisible” to the criminals of the world.

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