circuit board 2HP’s advertisement shows us how easy it really is…

By Tyrese Garvie | Pink Connect

You’ve got anti-virus and a strong password – but is that enough? The answer is no. HP’s popular cyber-security video, featuring Christian Slater, highlights the fact that even a printer (that’s right, a printer) can be the epicentre to your company’s demise…

The focal point of HP’s ad is that businesses aren’t taking cyber-security and data protection seriously enough and they’re right, it’s about time that they do. HP states that there has been a “132% increase in attacks targeting notebooks and desktops in 2016” – this is an overwhelming increase. In 2015 alone, CNN reported that “nearly 1,000,000 new malware threats released every day” – an increase of 132% is insane and is cause for serious concern… especially when your business is on the frontline.

HP’s message doesn’t come unwarranted either; “Connected devices such as remote controlled security cameras and building control systems continue to be targeted at the greatest rate by hackers. Unauthorised attempts to take control of these systems accounted for 63 percent of all internet-borne cyber attacks in the last quarter. Company databases were also frequently targeted, accounting for just under a fifth (16 percent) of all attacks.” – Comms Magazine [Article]

Watch HP’s video below:

In the video, it’s really clear to see how easy it all is to get into a business’s network. Printers aren’t the only issue. CCTV, mobile phones and even fridges… anything that is connected to your network is a risk to your business and is, therefore, a risk to everything you’ve worked for. If you want an expert to come to your place of work to find out if you’re as vulnerable as the business shown in the video then all you have to do is contact us.

It’s important that businesses explore new ways of protecting themselves and their customers. In telephone calls we’ve made to clients and prospects, it is ever more clear that people just aren’t aware of the weights that cyber-security and the GDPR bring to your shoulders – that’s why we’ve developed a wide range of different services and equipment to help SMEs in the UK carry that weight. 100s of professional SMEs use Pink Connect for their cyber-security and data protection across the country and 1,000s more use us for their telecoms and IT solutions.

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